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Why not use Google or Apple cloud storage? Google is racist, and Apple is currently practically engaging in unfair monopolistic practices and normally not legal, but bill gates had money to beat the charges back in 1998 so only way to fight back is to go elsewhere and you’ll get 1tb free. Do these fascist elitists offer free terabyte cloud storage for preservation of your memories or important business documents? Yeah no. I think not. Don’t believe me?

Microsoft conspiring with racist Joe Biden and his corrupt DOJ to suppress free speech and spy on us all.

Microsoft bigot court documents

Redacted court documents violation of free speech


Regardless of how you feel about project Veritas, this is very real proof we are under threat of a westernized fascist government run by racist Joe Biden.

More information and further redacted court documents here

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Imagine that you are taking pictures with your family in front of your home, when suddenly a natural disaster, a tornado, earthquake, or a hurricane comes and destroys everything. EVERYTHING.
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Another lie told by society “M.G.T.O.W are Incels”

First off, this is slander. But society says that men who go MGTOW and become ( or start to become) the best version of themselves, without the restraints and heartaches of relationships/marriages holding them back, are misogynists. Never explaining how, besides presenting the facts as to why even saying “hello” to a woman has more of a potential to earn him some bogus jail time. Don’t pass go, Don’t collect $200 dollars. However, naysayers and detractors, generally have no arguments to present during a debate, and no one has successfully been able to provide more benefits to a guy in a relationship as opposed to the stacks of the liabilities that come with each relationship/marriage. As a result, due to this, the destroyed society presented today resorts to censorship, slander, and shaming tactics as a response.
It is acceptable (and even demanded) to shame a man for rejecting marriage/relationships, but completely unacceptable to point out a woman’s weight problem. (You’ll still be shown more mercy fat-shaming a child, than fat-shaming a female adult. Make that make sense…)
But no one cares about the plight of men and/or boys (more on this later). So this is what you have. Censorship and slander. Honesty is NEVER respected. Hell, the news doesn’t even report the facts anymore, just cover-ups for a fascist democratic government, and spineless conservatives that enabled this level of treason and crimes against humanity. But that’s none of my business. I became an engineer, and essentially went my own way. I can say it’s been close to a decade since I last been in any rigged relationships. I found peace and solace within myself, and became that person I can finally look at in the mirror, and sleep more peacefully ( more or less. Earth with annoying fire ants aren’t exactly 100% comfortable.) without the restriction of a one-sided relationship and/or marriage.

What society tells everyone about M.G.T.O.W

As you can see from this slander from Wikipedia (because it’s a lie. I don’t even use Wikipedia to check math formulas anymore. Cause to these soft spineless lying bigots math is racist), it goes on as follows…

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW /ˈmɪɡtaʊ/) is an anti-feminist, misogynistic, mostly online community advocating for men to separate themselves from women and from a society which they believe has been corrupted by feminism.[2] The community is a part of the manosphere, a collection of anti-feminist websites and online communities that also includes the men’s rights movement, incels, and pickup artists.[3]

Like other manosphere communities, MGTOW overlaps with the alt-right and white supremacist movements,[4] and it has been implicated in online harassment of women.[5] The Southern Poverty Law Center categorizes MGTOW as a part of the male supremacist ideology.[6]

As a black man, who as gone his own way, I can say with honesty, BS. I will have to break down why…

  1. is an anti-feminist, misogynistic, mostly online community advocating for men to separate themselves from women and from a society which they believe has been corrupted by feminism.
  2. Funny thing that is. Women, in general, have been corrupted by feminism. The #meToo backlash? How about the total rejection of #MenToo? Society treats men like crap, to the point other men treat men horribly and believe a man’s role is just what he can provide to her, society, and a democratic fascist government. Do you know why japan never had problems with false rape allegations? Because they “prosecute” women who lie about rape, and paternity fraud. Just about all of the western civilization encourages this horrible behavior from women. Do you know what a man who destroys a woman’s life gets? At the best, public shunning. What happens to a woman that destroys a man’s life? At the best, she gets a pat on the back, and a government check to encourage and incentivizes it. Feminism encourages lying about rape to destroy a man’s life. They encourage women to murder their children in front of the father because “My body, my choice”. They encourage destroying and falsely accusing a soon-to-be-ex-husband in divorce court, which family courts and the southern poverty law center have their own scandals as well as the family courts in general with their bias and snob-smug gas they spew out in the audio translations of “Best interest of the child(ren)” in other words, child support. But MGTOW men know that more feminism has its own way of destroying people’s lives. More men start to wake up from more weak men/selfish women or commit suicide. Those are usually the outcomes by “following the narrative”. Notice how men who separated from women, and society, ended up saving more money, doing more things (Hobbies, fun, career, business, etc..), and gained a happier life. How? You can’t possibly live life without a woman. Easy, because according to the divorce statistics dating back from 2012 to today, women file more, and guys get railroaded in family courts, and the guy is none the wiser. There are literally more safer and more productive things to do, than to pursue a woman, for a relationship/marriage.
    The difference between an MGTOW and an Incel?: MGTOW informs men that it’s in their best interests to NOT pursue a woman, and NOT to get involved in a relationship/marriage. Incels are angry women don’t pay attention to them. Generally, Incels shoot places up, MGTOW men, walk away, leaving pissed-off women, biased government, and a gynocentric society to burn in their own fire that they lit, and now demand that men put out. MGTOW men ignore women, Incels shoot women for rejecting them. Even the acronyms are different. MGTOW (Men going their own way), Incel (Involuntarily Celibate). Censorship and Slander. Wikipedia is now discredited as telling the truth. You soy boys keep it up. See how it works out for you. I’m going to move on to my next point….

  3. The community is a part of the manosphere, a collection of anti-feminist websites and online communities that also includes the men’s rights movement, incels, and pickup artists.

    While these are very different factions, and most of the time they do clash (With MGTOW being a common enemy), All of them are based on the foundations of the Red-Pill. If being Red-Pilled is seeing that society never valued any man, that women never loved men(even those in our families), and that no matter how hard a man fights for equality, he will sooner be driven to an early grave, than for his grievances to be heard, and addressed, Than MGTOW is only the idea that


    But again, don’t confuse Incels with MGTOW. Incels need a woman to validate his existence, and when they pretend that he doesn’t exist because that incel doesn’t have deep pockets (as women do…) , he will shoot up a girls-only mall/school/slutty dorm as he is angry of the rejection. While many MGTOW men were rejected, they simply decided that the pain, and the suffering, and the hypocrisy isn’t worth the headache and decided to do something more productive. Playing video games in his parent’s basement, working at a fast-food job, is more productive than chasing women and/or relationships. Incels hate women for the rejection, MGTOW men, find better things to do than a woman. You can’t compare the two. Incels aren’t even Red-Pilled. They’d sell their souls to get laid as they need validation from a woman to justify their existence. (Oh! BTW if you are thinking I’m just some grown adult playing video games in his elderly parent’s basement because I can’t get women, I have a business to run, video games to make, a full-time job on top of that, and me and my whore of a mother both cut each other out of our lives. She’s toxic, a traitor, a backstabber, and I chose to live in the woods for 30 days. I have had two sets of mothers stab me in the back. Living with my mother again is not going to happen. I would rather starve to death, homeless, and dead in the street than to ever have either of those evil spirits back in my life. I would rather die of covid than to take a vaccine that racist, child-molesting Biden mandates us to take. Don’t think I won’t).

  4. Like other manosphere communities, MGTOW overlaps with the alt-right and white supremacist movements, and it has been implicated in online harassment of women. The Southern Poverty Law Center categorizes MGTOW as a part of the male supremacist ideology.


    There is no alt-right involved, and white supremacists DON’T seek to wake up men of other races for anything. This is defacto bullshit by default. Women are not “harassed” by MGTOW men. Trolled (maliciously, and deservingly so) yes, but this is usually a response when a woman bullies a man. When women on social media, in general, say they would rather cheat on a good man, and still string him along because of his money, while more men are saying they just would settle for a hug from a woman who loves them, that warrants at the very least a trolling. But like this dude and the commentator learned (ITSAGUNDAM) That this also can have consequences.

    Take a look at this video, and see how women work hard on tinder to get with a “child molester”, because he has 6-8 pack abs, It’s a troll obviously, but to prove the heartbreaking point that hypergamy and female nature are very real things.

    If you watched the whole video without losing your faith in humanity, you get a 10% discount on a KVM virtual server

    And you want to go there with the Southern Poverty Law Center? Those intolerant bigots have been at war with men and the black community for a long time. Remember the article they wrote about how Thomas Ball responded to being ass-raped unfairly in family law, and being deprived of his children, for the only crime of being born a man, And their only concern was starting an uprising from men, because they know how rigged the system they helped rig is against men. Especially black men. Here is the link to the article below (Also marred with slander):

    Southern Poverty Law Center Hates Men (Black Especially)

    So now according to society, men going their own way, ignoring women, society, and a fascist government, is an act of hate and violence. With the whole world telling men that they’re worthless, and predators for no reason, and society has the nerve to blame, slander, and censor, and still wonder why men worldwide, are walking away in droves, which leads me to the next point…

Society would rather women get murdered, than to allow a man who has gone his own way, speak just about his own personal grievance

It’s become so sad that society would rather there be more incels shooting people up, than have men simply go far away from a fascist government, Society, and above all else, Women and relationships with them. Even Professional relationships are risky. The slander from Wikipedia says it all. I mean think about it. Why are men telling other men about what to expect from a relationship, and the government’s interference that is mandatory the minute a woman learns a man’s name, more dangerous than the message of feminism, who cheers women who abuse children and falsely accuse men of rape? The message of men responding to everything wrong in the world by walking away has to be censored, so that way the incels can continue to stew in their rage, instead of walking away altogether, and find everlasting peace, and self-respect.

They rather a stacking body count, than to shut down the narrative. So the censorship, the slander, and the shaming will continue all the way to the endgame. This will continue, and I will continue to post as it comes up. Stay single guys, and stay on your purpose. Remember, A guy that will save a group of kids from a burning building will be disrespected 10 times over by women, while women flock to a hunk of a child molesting badboy. Again, where is your god now?