Dedicated Hosting

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A Choice of Web Hosting Control Panels

With every dedicated server, you can select from three different web hosting Control Panel tools – Hepsia, DirectAdmin and cPanel. Each of these hosting Control Panels enables you to have an unlimited number of domains. The cPanel web hosting Control Panel costs per month, while Hepsia and DirectAdmin are both 100 % free. The cPanel and DirectAdmin hosting Control Panel tools are available only with the CentOS OS, whereas Hepsia supports Debian. In the near future the Hepsia hosting Control Panel will be offered with all OSs.

A 24/7 Client Support Service

Our technical support crew is here to answer all your inquiries 24×7. We have a 60-minute response time guarantee, so you no longer have to wait for hours on end for a help desk staff representative to reply – they will respond in less than 1 hour.

Free Extras

A cost-free domain name reseller account is available with all our dedicated web hosting plans. Cost-free billing software is also available with all our dedicated server web hosting packages. These bonuses will come in handy if you are planning to establish a web hosting company or a reseller hosting company using your dedicated web server as a base.

A choice of Linux Distributions

We offer a choice of Linux distributions – Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu. These are the three most famous Linux-based Operating Systems out there, powering more than 50% of all the servers connected to the Internet. With each of these Linux-based Operating Systems, you can get our charge-free Hepsia web hosting Control Panel.

Our Warranties

When you order your dedicated hosting server, it will be set up and tested by us free of charge – there are no server setup charges. Moreover, owing to our datacenter facility and its superb network connectivity, all our dedicated hosting web server packages include a 99.9 per cent network uptime.

One Cost-Free Static IP

Each of our dedicated web hosting servers comes with one charge-free static IP. This address can be employed with all apps, that require the use of a static IP address. Additional IPs can be bought at any moment.

The Managed Services Package

If you don’t have any server administration knowledge, or if you simply don’t have the time to deal with this sort of tasks, we offer you a Managed Services package – our capable system administrators will tackle all the time-consuming assignments instead of you. The Managed Services package is a paid upgrade available with each of our dedicated web hosting server plans.

Complete Root Access

All dedicated web hosting packages include full root-level access. What this means is that you will have full command over the way the dedicated hosting server is configured. You can make any sort of changes at any moment. You will also be able to activate any additional software required by your sites.

Server Hardware

Each dedicated web server is equipped with leading-edge hardware, including processors from Intel and AMD, motherboards from Supermicro, and Western Digital hard disk drives. This means that the chances of experiencing a hardware error are minimal and if you buy a dedicated server from us, you’ll enjoy a problem-free hosting experience.

Our Data Center

We have chosen a Class A data center facility in the US to accommodate our dedicated web servers. This data centre has direct connections to all major American ISPs and to several main global Internet backbones. This is why we can safely guarantee a 99.9 per cent network uptime.

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Network|Our dedicated server network is powered by Gbit Network Cards.|10 Gbits Network Cards
Dedicated IP Addresses|Your Dedicated Server plan includes 1 dedicated IP address by default.|=ips
Domain Name Registration / Transfer|Your dedicated server plan allows you to register or transfer a domain name to our registrar. More domain registration and transfer options are available via your Dedicated Plan Manager.|=domain_price

CentOS|Due to its proven stability and high levels of security, CentOS is one of the most widely used Linux operating systems in the web hosting and reseller hosting industries.|yes
Debian|Debian is a free Linux kernel based operating system distributed under the GNU license. It is made up of various software packages, containing executables, scripts, documentation and configuration information.|yes
Ubuntu|Ubuntu is a Debian Linux based OS, including various content processing and email applications, web server software and programming tools.|yes

eNom Domain Name Reseller Account|With each Dedicated Server you get a free eNom domain reseller account. No need to submit any deposits!|yes
Client Exec Billing/Support Software |With this tool you will be able to efficiently manage and support your web hosting clients. It includes a fully integrated ticket support system, an invoice manager and many customization options.|=clientexec

No Set-up Fee|A setup fee is usually required for a server to be configured for you after sign-up. Each Dedicated Server plan we offer will be set up for you free of charge.|yes
99.9% Network Uptime|We guarantee that the network where your dedicated server belongs to will be up and running 99.9% of the period of your subscription with us.|yes
Full Root-level Access|With each Dedicated Server plan you will have full root access to your dedicated server.|=root
24/7 Technical Support For Pre-installed Software|We offer 24/7 support via ticketing system for all the applications that your Dedicated Server comes pre-installed with.|=support
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cPanel (for CentOS only)|cPanel is a graphical interface Control Panel providing functionality for Dedicated Server owners to control the various aspects of website and server administration through a standard web browser. With the installation of a cPanel on your dedicated server you will be able to host unlimited domains on the server.|=cPanel_price
DirectAdmin (for CentOS only)|DirectAdmin is one of the fastest and easiest to use graphical web-based Control Panels available online. It is programmed to automatically recover from crashes, thus preventing any possible downtimes for your services. If you choose to install DirectAdmin on your dedicated server you will have the option to host unlimited domains on the server.|=DirectAdmin_price
Hepsia (no root access; for Debian only) TRY DEMO|This is our user-friendly in-house built web hosting Control Panel, available in more than 15 languages. From there you will be able to take care of all website management operations.|=Hepsia

1 additional IP|Your dedicated server plan includes 1 IP address by default but you can order 1 additional IP, if necessary, at sign-up or from your Dedicated Plan Manager.|=ip_price

BACKUP SPACE (50 GB)|You can request a backup service for your dedicated server, at sign-up or from your Dedicated Plan Manager.|=backup_price
MANAGED SERVICES PACKAGE|This package includes various administration services such as Backup Space (50GB), Weekly OS Update, Monitoring & Rebooting, Installation & Troubleshooting services.|=managed_services_price
– Backup Space (50 GB)|This service is a part of the Managed Services Package and provides a backup of 50 GB of the information stored on your dedicated server.|yes
– Weekly OS Update|This service is integrated into the Managed Services Package and provides a weekly update of your OS installation.|yes
– Monitoring & Rebooting|This service is a part of the Managed Services Package and provides server monitoring and rebooting services.|yes
– Installation & Troubleshooting (30 minutes)|The service is included in the Managed Services Package and provides 30 minutes of custom software installation and script troubleshooting assistance from our administrators.|yes
INSTALLATION & TROUBLESHOOTING|Ordering this upgrade service you can request custom software installations for your dedicated server and also get qualified administration assistance in troubleshooting script problems.|=installation_troubleshooting_price