Project List :
Having completed this course, students can demonstrate their learning by using all of their newfound skills to create their own calculator. Students should define at least the four functions of:

For a challenge, attempt to build more than these four functions, as well as use a function to create an interface that allows you to call on each of your defined functions. Below you will find some sample code for addition and subtraction. I’m not a math wizard so I’ll just stick to some of the basics. and ohm’s laws.

ohms law triangle.

ohms law triangle

What I am going to do is leave a bit of a tutorial since this website is powered by wordpress, I’ll have to integrate communication with Pyodide as it provides a simple API pyodide.runPython() via emcescript to run Python code. However, when ylscalable Python code grows bigger, putting thousands of lines inside runPython ain’t no way, scalable.

Now pyodide has wheels via micropip, and also can run C extensions, but they have to be built in a specialized way, creating a Pyodide package. So once the functional c programming course is fixed, I’ll be using the address book assignment under pyodide. But eduonix fix that problem so I can get my E-Degree. *Ahem* moving on…

What is Pyodide?

Pyodide is a a port of CPython to WebAssembly/Emscripten, thus it functions as a Python distribution for the browser and Node.js based on WebAssembly.
Pyodide makes it possible to install and run Python packages in the browser with micropip. Any pure Python package with a wheel available on PyPI is supported. Many packages with C extensions have also been ported for use with Pyodide. These include many general-purpose packages such as regex, pyyaml, lxml and scientific Python packages including numpy, pandas, scipy, matplotlib, and scikit-learn, therefore it’s valid here for this homework. Google pyodide if you still don’t believe me but moving on.

I will be integrating bootstrap 5 with bootbox.js for the graphics, but the back-end will be running pyodide (Python, fallback will be server python 3.10).

[eduonix-python-calculator-homework title=”evil bigot’s math homework”]