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  • Flexible for every doctrine

    I mention a few career paths online you could take as a freelancer. It was written to cater to all talents, and how to leverage that as a freelancer, small business, or just simple job interviews, entry-level to C.E.O positions! I guaratee this works for your doctrine. If not, put in a refund request. It's powered and distributed by Amazon anyway so it won't be too difficult!

  • Completely responsive via Kindle

    Since ebook distribution is done with Amazon, it would end up on Kindle as well as all digital landscapes. It will be easy to read. Trust me I have a complex retaining digital book information, I learned that while learning to code. So I made sure it was effective and had full accessibility. Even the Amazon Kindle X-ray* feature.

  • Trial and Tested

    Call it an experiment. I was left stranded and had to survive. I only knew my online work, so I had to use computers from the library to make something! Basically what I put in the book not only saved my life, but helped me leverage my business for when I got a little more in control!

  • Optimized for 24 hour reading time

    I read Harry Browne's the Secret to Selling Anything. It was 200 pages long. This book was designed to be shorter, and more compact so that way you get the important details first, and pursue with this valuable information. I do recommed further readings in the book, so you have resources you can use to give yourself an even greater chance.

  • Built on truth

    In my past, I picked up the addictive habit of habitual lying. As you could guess, life sucked for me, and everyone around me. I noticed when I started telling the truth, life was hard, but not complex. I realized that just saying something isn't enough. The suffering I had to endure means I have to show authority on the merit of my word as I can't just say these methods worked without showing you the proof. This book provides the proof of the result, and the suffering to get this book to you!

  • Watch your bank account increase almost like magic

    When you land, and complete the jobs, If you get along exceptionally well, a bonus on top of good money is just a given! Leverage yourself on how to make this happen.

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Well since you are skeptical (quite surprised that you made it this far), I will include screenshots, samples, and proof you can land good contracts in as little as 90 days.

I struggled for years trying to get that one formula down. I knew although there are prodigies out there, the ones who put in the work are just as effective as the 'naturally gifted'. This book is proof of how successful I became in spite of my mediocrity.

  • Proven facts that this small book teaches you to land huge opportunities!
  • Backed by evidence, this book will show you how much money you can make.
  • Written from first hand experience with tried, failed, tried again, and eventually success with proven successful methods, tested over and over again on the blood, sweat, suffering, rage, and tears of the Author.
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Since I am distributing the ebook through Kindle, it is optimized for every device.

x-ray mode, text to voice, large print scalable on different devices, and able to play on any edition of Kindle old to new!

I figured since Amazon would be the best platform to get the message out, I would exclusively set up shop with them, for global sales as well as domestic sales. I benefit very well with it.

You have no excuse now! If you want to land 6 figure jobs as a freelancer in as little as 90 days, Buy the book now and get which edition serves you.

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A word from the Author

I started this business technically in 2011. I took it further when I was trying to impress a coworker at an old job I had. She was very pretty and seemed interested in one of our other coworkers who also owned a corner store.

Shortly after that, I started Anutech. It's been on and off. I ended up getting the girl of my dreams (at that time) so I just dropped it for the time being. But if that was the permanent move I made, This book would not be available

This book is aimed at getting started with freelancing online. Basically for people who will have to do everything from scratch with little or no resources to speak of, and turning that effort into landing 6 figure contracts. I included the proof, so I hope it helps you out. But you can get a refund if it doesn't help

Spencer Williams's most epic book written in history
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