About From Ragz to Riche$

From Ragz To Riche$ is a book on how I was homeless and how I became an online freelancer and eventually became a lucrative tech business securing 6 figure contracts frequently. It will focus on general skills and contributions, although it will heavily focus on the software industry as a start and expanding in the tech field. It can work rather you choose to work online, offline, or even as a traditional means of landing you an entry-level developer position (although I started my business instead). I utilize multiple resources to prove my point and provide examples. To be brief, This book will change your life.

In short, This book is for people who have little or no money to start a business, or for people who are willing to do all the leg work themselves. Again, this book will make you feel a complete failure before you completed the first chapter. But like in the military, you need to be broken down, to your barebones, and you need to follow this book, to get to your dream, or at the very least, 6 figure contracts in as little as 90 days!

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My name is Spencer T. Mckenith-Williams. I was Born on November 13th, 1988 at 1:30 a.m. from the March of Dimes Hospital in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania, I Earned a diploma from the Charleston Job Corps in Charleston, W.V., continuing to earn independent certifications online such as Sololearn and Udemy and Edx.org since then. Owner of Anutech Technical Resources.

My direct business number is 724-931-0861.

My business email is sales@anutechtr.com

All the photos and info on this page is free game. Fair use, for the press or media if any is needed

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