Why Us?

At [rp_store_info key=’store_title’], our goal is to provide avant-garde web hosting solutions. Our website hosting services arrive with generous hard drive space and monthly bandwidth quotas, domain registration & transfer options, intuitive Domain and Email Managers, multiple website hosting possibilities, as well as charge-free bonus tools, such as a one-click PHP applications installer and a website building tool. All accounts can be easily managed through our multi-language hosting Control Panel. A 24-7 technical support service is offered as well.

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[webp img=”why-us/a-point-and-click-control-panel-img.jpg” title=”A point ‘n’ click web hosting Control Panel” width=”460″ height=”195″]

A point ‘n’ click web hosting Control Panel

With your plan, you will get hold of our proprietary web hosting CP, which will make administering your web presence a breeze. With a mouse click, you will be able to upload a file, to register a domain or to set up a new e-mail account. It’s just that easy! You will also be provided with access to comprehensive real-time traffic stats.

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Custom DNS Records

Through the Control Panel, you can edit all DNS records associated with your domain names, including their A records, AAAA records, MX records, CNAME records, TXT records and SRV records. Plus, you can easily modify the name servers for a domain and even register custom nameservers (e.g. ns1.your-domain.com).

[webp img=”why-us/web-accelerators-img.jpg” title=”Advanced tools” width=”460″ height=”195″]

Advanced tools

In the web hosting CP you will find the Memcached distributed memory object caching system and the Varnish Cache web accelerator, which will improve the loading speed of your site. NodeJS and InnoDB support is offered as well.

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We offer a complete variety of hosting solutions, from shared web hosting packages to VPSs and dedicated hosting servers. You can start with a small web hosting plan and then upgrade to a more powerful web hosting solution like a Virtual Private Server or a dedicated web hosting server.

[webp img=”why-us/free-web-applications-installer-img.jpg” title=”A free-of-charge web apps installation tool” width=”460″ height=”195″]

A free-of-charge web apps installation tool

We have included a web apps installation tool offering a 1-click installation of over 50 PHP applications. Using it, you can set up online blogs, online photo galleries, CMS-driven websites, social networks, e-stores, etc. Simply choose the PHP script that you want, specify your domain name and press the ‘Install’ button. Your new website will be visible online in seconds. Plus, we offer a collection of free-of-charge web site templates.

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Unmetered features

All our hosting packages come with unmetered disk drive storage space and web traffic, so you can work on your sites and never worry about surpassing resource limits. Plus, we allow you to park unlimited domain names and to set up an unlimited number of subdomains and File Transfer Protocol accounts.